The Joy of Dance Showcase

Charlesworth Ballet School is proud to present our first ever showcase, featuring a variety of pieces from our extension programs, Classical Ballet, Spanish, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Jazz. Joining our CBS students today we have performers from the fulltime Youth Ballet WA programme, presenting two new choreographic works and a classical ballet variation.



‘Get Me’, is a contemporary work showcasing the competitive side of being a dancer, exploring the complex issues our young dancers may face with a fun and comedic twist. In a CBS first, ‘Get Me’ involves our Grade 3 to Senior Contemporary students. Original choreography by Sharon Dalla-Costa and adapted by Jaimie Ford.

Performed by Youth Ballet WA student, Chloe Townsend, Esmeralda is a classical solo from the ballet La Esmeralda. This ballet tells the story of a Romanian girl who marries a poet called Pierre to save him from death at the hands of the Romanian king.



See music box ballerinas come to life in this gorgeous piece from the imaginative ballet, The Fairy Doll. Choreographed by Paige Puckridge and Tamice Puckridge and presented by our Grade 3 and 4 Extension students.



The Fandango de Huelva is a folk dance from the South of Spain. This fandango has been inspired by the traditional steps and a variety of different dances in Spain. The arrangement has been mounted for these three dancers of Youth Ballet WA. Piece set by YBWA Spanish Dance Instructor Lynn Martlew.



Join our junior musical theatre students as they take you on a trip to Agrabah – city of mystery and enchantment, where genies make magic and princesses find their voice. So come on down, stop on by, hop a carpet and fly, to our Arabian Night! Choreography and arrangement by Andrea Ponga-Morgan.



Be transported into another era as you watch some of Edgar Degas’ most famous paintings come to life! Set by Jaimie Ford.





An excerpt from the ballet ‘La Fille Mal Gardee’, a comic ballet set in the countryside about a young girl who is in love with a shepherd. Our Grade 1 & 2 Extension students along with our Senior Classical Extension students will be performing one of the most iconic dances from this ballet that will be sure to put a smile on your face. Set by Jaimie Ford and Paige Puckridge.



This Mateixes is a Jota that originates from Mallorca Spain, in the Baleric Isles. Set by Una Minello and Lynn Martlew


A small excerpt from the ballet Raymonda, set in Raymonda’s garden preparing for her wedding. This piece is normally performed as a solo with original choreography by Tatiana Pevneva. For our CBS Showcase the choreography has been adapted for our Grade 8 & 9 Classical Extension students by Tamice Puckridge and Jaimie Ford.



True Colours is a fun little number exploring the difference in how students present themselves in front of the teachers as apposed to their more colourful personalities outside of the studio walls. Choreography by YBWA instructor, Lauren Limmer.



Welcome to The 60’s! Get ready to have a boogie with our Grade 1/2 Musical Theatre and Grade 5/6 Jazz students as they present all things Hairspray! Choreography and arrangement by Andrea Ponga-Morgan.


Set in the royal gardens of an Indian Palace, this beautiful piece comes from Act 2 of the ballet, La Source. The choreography has been adapted by Jaimie Ford for our Grade 8 to Senior Classical Extension students.



Watch as we celebrate all of our students’ hard work in a fun and uplifting finale.