Grade Five/Six Ballet

Students at this stage are required to enrol in two classes of their grade per week – one Level 1 class and one Level 2 class.

Level 1

Classes at this level continue to introduce new exercises of Classical Ballet technique with extended development of musicality, dance steps, harmonious coordination and improvisation. Classes of one-hour duration are conducted weekly during the term. Students study Level 1 as a pre-requisite for Level 2.

Level 2

Take an additional weekly special technique class. It is important that level 2 students have completed Grade Four studies at Level 2.

Students continue to strengthen and develop their classical ballet technique with the introduction of turns and are prepared for their yearly grade examination. All Grade 5/6 Level 2 students participate in the major ballet production.

As grooming plays an important part in ballet and performance, we expect correct grooming from our ballet students, and start to encourage students to take on this responsibility themselves.