Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a wonderful medium that allows students to explore additional elements of dance that will complement their ballet studies. Many classically trained dancers go on to have very successful careers in the world of Musical Theatre.

The Charlesworth class program introduces students to all aspects of Musical Theatre from singing, to different styles of dance and the combination of both. This class is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn new skills while increasing their self-confidence, self-awareness and performance skills.

Our Junior program will focus on the basics of Musical Theatre – breathing techniques, pitch matching and choreography, and will branch into further techniques such as microphone skills and harmonies in our Senior levels. Students will have the opportunity to explore musicals that are popular in the current age, while also learning about some of the shows at the foundation of Musical Theatre. Each term will be focused on a new theme and new show, with students building on their skills and knowledge as they move through the levels.