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Certificate III & IV in Ballet Performance


VET courses in Western Australia are focused on the development of skills and knowledge that are based on industry needs.

Our VET Certificate III and IV in Ballet Performance courses are very practical in nature. However, written work is required on a weekly basis. Both our courses are nationally recognised qualifications and can be completed within one year. Students who study our Certificate III and IV need to attend a minimum of 80% of the course and each of the individual units to ensure they meet the requirement of attendance.

Both our Certificate III and IV in Ballet Performance have been specifically created to ensure that students are getting the very best training and information they need. Our Certificate pathways can lead to gaining Diplomas both Nationally and Internationally, Bachelor of Arts in Dance, and apprenticeship placements in Australia or possibly Overseas.

With regards to students’ WACE, either of our Certificate III or IV courses count as five subjects and can go towards the students’ pathway of completing their schooling. Students can either achieve these courses alongside a General or ATAR pathway. Only one Certificate in Ballet Performance can go towards WACE.

Students will receive a Certificate on Completion or a partial Completion if they have not been successful in some Units. Students will be able to make up any unsuccessful units the following year.

The following will apply to all students enrolling in Certificate III or IV Dance.

  • All students need to bring a laptop each week to class to connect to the internet.
  • Students will need an A4 folder with 16 dividers and plastic sleeves.
  • Every Workshop Week will include Certificate III and IV units at which attendance is compulsory.
  • Compulsory attendance includes;
    • Designated professional dance performances to complete set written tasks.
    • Set Group choreographed tasks will be presented at the College Choreography showing (Soirée) and attendance is compulsory.
    • All assessments. Non-attendance could result in an unsuccessful completion of a unit.
  • The Student Hand book for Certificate III and IV students must be read and the required Induction form signed off by the student and the Certificate III and IV Coordinator at the commencement of the Course.
  • All Log Book work must be handed in on time.
    • Week three of each term for Certificate III in Ballet Performance students.
    • Week two of each term for Certificate IV in Ballet Performance students.

For more information on how VET courses work, please see the following link

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“The staff are the most amazing people in the world, such good training”

Laila Anne