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Full-time Programme

Students from 10 years of age are accepted into the full time programme. Academic tuition is provided by: the School of Isolated & Distance Education (SIDE). Qualified teachers are on site and an academic timetable is integrated into the schedule at the studio.

Performing is an integral part of the program, giving the students the valuable experience of rehearsing and performing in a large company environment.

Certificate I ~ Students attend 6 days per week

Introduces the elementary exercises for mastering the placement of the body, the legs, the arms and head. Developing elementary skills in the co-ordination of steps. First the students execute the exercises while standing facing the barre; holding it with both hands. Later as strength builds, students will commence to work with one hand at the barre. Pointe work increases as strength builds. During this period of study, students repeat the former exercises in an increased number, stressing the development of strength in the legs and feet through exercises on half toe and on pointe. Co-ordination between movements is beginning to develop. In Certificate I, studies in Contemporary, Character & Spanish Dance, Composition Studies & Drama are covered in more detail.

Certificate II ~ Students attend 6 days per week

In this level the study of former exercise commences in the centre work. Pirouette and exercises entournant commence. More complex combinations are included. This period of study involves strengthening the stability in various turns, while performing exercises on half toe & pointe; developing the smooth connection of movements of the head and arms. Pas de Deux is introduced in Certificate II. Studies in Contemporary, Character & Spanish Dance, Composition Studies & Drama are intensified in Certificate II

Certificate III ~ 52701WA (30/06/2017) in Ballet Performance and
Certificate IV ~ 52631WA (30/10/2016) in Ballet Performance – Students attend 6 days per week

The following elements will be stressed in this period of study:

  • Mastering the technique of beats
  • Various turns in various ways
  • Starting the study of tours in big poses
  • Developing the smoothness of graceful movements and suppleness when passing from one pose to another, in harmonious movement
  • Introducing more complicated forms of adagio
  • Developing the elevation in grand allegro

Contemporary, Character & Spanish Dance, Composition Studies, Drama and theoretical subjects form an important component of the nationally accredited Certificates III & IV in Ballet Performance qualifications.

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“The staff are the most amazing people in the world, such good training”

Laila Anne