Letter to Parents and Guardians - COVID-19

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A Message From Lauren Perrett.


A message from former student, Lauren Perrett.

I’m still really enjoying it over here in Paris and working hard every night. I’ve done 620 shows! Time has flown so fast. I’ve performed the Cancan duo so many times over the Summer and I have really enjoyed that. I’m also replacing in the Danseuse Nue line a lot and that has been really exciting, it’s very different but a lot of fun. We have new girls coming in October and April, so I might move into the line permanently if there are too many on the dance line.

We are soon going back into one show season for half a year, and that will be really nice when it’s super cold. I can’t wait for January because all my family will be over for the big 21st with my twin and I. They can finally see my promotion on stage. There is a Moulin Rouge tour coming up in September to go and perform in Germany so hopefully I can be asked to do that, I’ll keep you posted!

I’m absolutely loving working here, sometimes it’s hard being so far away from Australia but I’ve made great friends here and performing for thousands of people every week makes it all worth it.

Missing you all so much!

Love Lauren x


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