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News from Lauren Murray

I have been quite busy since the beginning of the year where we premiered a triple bill with 3 guest choreographers and I was in all three pieces.

All the pieces were modern and I had a particularly enjoyable duet which I performed in one of the pieces but it was a great evening and well received. We then went onto the Opera ball where I performed a little pas de deux as a part of the evenings entertainment. We then started on Henry the 8th where I am a lover Elizabeth Blount in the first cast and Anne of Kleves Henry’s 4th wife in the second cast. We also remounted a old ballet Dangerous Liasons. At the same time I was working with one of the dancers who is becoming a well known choreographer on a new piece possibly for a competition but definitely for a modern/contemporary evening.

Today I started working on a duet for next seasons piece Daphne and Chloe. So it’s been a pretty full season.

I hope you are all well and I will be home on the 19th June so hopefully can pop in to say hi.

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Laila Anne