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Noah Beck

Bonjour, halo, salut, howdy, g’day, namaste.

So I have just arrived back in Australia after a five month artistically crazy and eye opening trip to India! It started off in Bombay (Mumbai). Where I got to collaborate with four of the most amazingly creative young dancers I’ve had the fortune of meeting, a percussionist from Goa (who was absolutely insane! Both in his skill and in his ability to think on the spot for new and different ideas), and a composer from England named Wilfred. We spent two months creating and then eventually performing a 30 minute dance and music work at the Privthi Theatre in Juhu, Mumbai. I also had the opportunity to teach a workshop on communication and movement.

After moving on from Bombay I went to Rajasthan, which again was amazing. I spent three weeks wandering the streets of Jaipur with a small amount of cash in my pocket and a book and pen. Spending time in libraries and temples around the city learning and researching for the beginnings of my honours thesis (which I will complete in 2019).

The next festival I worked with was the ANUVAD festival in Assam. Where I was given the chance to write and perform a short one person play about the human condition. I conducted questionnaires so that I was able to write about real people’s observations and perception of the human condition. I learned during this process, that to have the people around you that you can ask questions and opinions of is one of the most valuable things any artist can have when creating. After performing my play and teaching a workshop at the festival, I was given the opportunity to teach at the State University of Assam, Silchar. This was both one of the most daunting experiences, but also one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. Speaking about movement efficiency applicable to people of all areas, not just dance and performance. Much of the research that I did in Rajasthan came up in this opportunity also.

And finally for the last month and a half of my trip, I spent in Goa. Most of my time in Goa was spent sketching, writing, listening to music and coming up with new and exciting ideas for me to potentially create in the coming years. I met a number of very inspirational people during this time, as I did in fact in all of India! And I learned many new and enlightening things about people, culture and the world while there.

As much as I wish I could tell you of all of the amazing experiences India has to offer, some things are better left experienced and not told as stories. I urge everyone to go and experience the place for yourself, especially if you are aspiring to be an artist of any sort!


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