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Update from Leah!

I’ve been in Melbourne now for 3 months and I’m loving it. I’ve adapted really quickly to my new lifestyle of living on my own and taking care of everything by myself and it’s been great!

Perth Ballet Student

The dancing is a lot of work mentally and physically, I start at 9:30 and finish at 5:30 every day and there’s always so much packed into the day. It’s different now being in a professional company as opposed to being a student, so that definitely took a while to really understand how to move in the way they train but overall I really love it.

We are rehearsing 3 different ballets at the moment so as you can imagine there are heaps of rehearsals which also means there’s a lot of sitting around waiting until your needed so I’ve learnt some strengthening exercises to keep me busy. The ballets are Wizard of Oz, Midsummers and Once Upon a Time, my favourite by far isOnce Upon a Time because it’s so comedic and very enjoyable because I’m one of the 3 blind mice and the 3 little pigs. We also have Dusty Button coming in to take some classes in a few weeks which is so scary but should be good.

I also started working outside of ballet at a Greek restaurant owned by George from Master Chef which is really great because I’m finally able to pay my own bills and food but scary because George is always in the restaurant checking up on everything!

I hope everyone is doing well and working hard  and I will see you all soon,

Love Leah xx


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“The staff are the most amazing people in the world, such good training”

Laila Anne