Letter to Parents and Guardians - COVID-19

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About Us

Our Aspiration

To provide a joyful, enriching and satisfying experience for each student of the Charlesworth Ballet School

Over the years the CBS has produced dancers who have entered world-renowned ballet companies. Those students, who have chosen not to make a career of dance, have walked away with an appreciation of a great dance art, sharper minds, a strong body, good co-ordination and greater confidence.

Founded in 1960 by Terri Charlesworth OAM, Cit WA, the CBS (formerly Terri Charlesworth Ballet School) has produced dancers who have gone on to achieve international fame in the ballet world. Awarded the Western Australian Citizen of the year for Culture, Arts and Entertainment in 2006, Terri has observed, studied and taught at leading dance institutions throughout the world. She is recognized both nationally and internationally as a leading teacher of classical ballet. Having taken over directorship of the school in 2012 Sonya Shepherd now continues the traditions set by Terri with passion, knowledge and her own unique enthusiasm, drive and dedication.

Lessons are planned to cater for the student’s age and ability with awareness of the emotional, physical, and intellectual development of the child or young adult. Students can choose to study at two different levels of achievement depending on time allocated to training, and successfully audition into the College Programme of the Charlesworth Ballet Institute.

We believe children need to be safe and happy to learn

The early years of training lay the base for future artists. Our students are accepted at Pre-Primary grade for our Pre Primary Class, with the introduction of a preparatory year for kindergarten aged children. We do not believe in imposing an adult style or demanding technical skills, which place too much physical strain on the young soft body. A child’s body is their future instrument.

Children need to be trained with the utmost care. Our program is specially planned to gradually introduce technical demands as the young bodies are strengthened.

Lessons cater for the students age and ability with awareness of the emotional, physical, and intellectual development of the child or young adult. The age of acceptance into each of our ballet grades is concurrent with the student’s academic school grade.

We believe children need to feel they are dancing

At the Charlesworth Ballet School students practice their ballet exercises and steps in a happy, positive yet challenging manner. The student’s expression, musical appreciation and rhythmic ability are encouraged and recognized as a most important outcome.

Along with their ballet technique students have the opportunity to study eurhythmics with acting, choreography (creative dance) character dance and performance. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a major ballet production alongside professional ballet dancers.

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“The staff are the most amazing people in the world, such good training”

Laila Anne