We believe parents need evaluation of their childs progress & ability

Parents Day

Parents are invited to watch their child’s lesson at the usual class time twice per year. A small student presentation of the work studied during the term will be given for parents. Parents will be notified of dates and times through regular newsletters.

Pre- Primary and Grade One students will receive a certificate of achievement at the conclusion of the years study.

Grade 2 Assessments

Grade Two students are introduced to their first ballet assessment. The assessments are held in a class with their teacher and with their class peers. The students receive a certificate and written report. It is highly recommended that students participate in the class assessments. There is a small charge to cover the costs of the class assessments, which are held at the end of third term.

Yearly Grade Examinations

Level 2 students from Grade 3 through to Grade 8 participate in the yearly Grade Examination. These exams are generally held in term 3. Participating students receive a report and a certificate. It is highly recommended that eligible students take part in this exam.