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Assessments & Parents Days

We believe parents need evaluation of their childs progress & ability

Parents Day

Parents are invited to watch their child’s lesson at the usual class time twice per year. A small student presentation of the work studied during the term will be given for parents. Parents will be notified of dates and times through regular newsletters.

Preparatory, Pre-primary and Grade One students will receive a certificate of achievement at the conclusion of the years study.


Grade 2 Assessments

Grade Two students are introduced to their first ballet assessment. The assessments are held in a class with their teacher and with their class peers. The students receive a certificate and written report. It is highly recommended that students participate in the class assessments. There is a small charge to cover the costs of the class assessments, which are held at the end of third term.


Grade 3 – Senior Examinations

Only those enrolled in a Level 2 class in Grades 3 through to Seniors, participate in the yearly Grade Examination. These exams are held in Term 3. Participating students receive a report and a certificate. It is highly recommended that eligible students take part in this exam.


Major Annual Production

We encourage student participation in our major ballet productions. The experience includes working with state, national and sometimes international professional artists. Students discover the excitement and enjoyment of working in a professional environment.

In addition to normal class hours students will be required to attend one extra weekend rehearsal of approximately 2.5 hours duration, one theatre rehearsal of approximately 2.5 hours and one performance. Costumes are hired at minimal cost to the student to alleviate stress and expense for the parents.

News & Events

“The staff are the most amazing people in the world, such good training”

Laila Anne