Letter to Parents and Guardians - COVID-19

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We believe there is tremendous benefit for children to participate in performances

Major Annual Production

We encourage student participation in our major ballet productions. The experience includes working with state, national and international professional artists. Students discover the excitement and enjoyment of working in a professional environment.

In addition to normal class hours students will be required to attend one extra weekend rehearsal of approximately 1.5 hours duration, one theatre rehearsal of approximately 1.5 hours and one performance. Costumes are hired at minimal cost to the student to alleviate stress and expense for the parents.

We believe students need to be encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle and to develop good manners & personal grooming

Students at the Charlesworth Ballet School are encouraged to eat healthily and take adequate rest and play.

Good manners are encouraged. All students begin and end their classes with a curtsey to their teachers. Positive social interaction and communication is encouraged throughout the class with students working in couples, groups or as leaders. Rudeness or bad behaviour by any student is not acceptable.

Grooming plays an important part in ballet and performance. The centre encourages correct grooming from the beginning of ballet training. Students are expected to come to class wearing correct uniform with hair in a bun, covered by a hair net, short hair can be held off the face with a headband. No jewellery or nail polish is to be worn. Ballet shoes are to be clean and tied correctly.

Please see the instructional videos below for information on how to tie your ballet shoes and sew the ribbons on. This information applies to both Ballet and Pointe shoes.

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“The staff are the most amazing people in the world, such good training”

Laila Anne