Spanish Dance

Charlesworth Ballet School offers Spanish Dance training to students in Grades 3 to 7.

Spanish Dance is a vibrant and passionate style of dance which originates from Spain. Long-frilled skirts, guitars and vigorous footwork are what many usually connect to Spanish Dance. However, there is an abundance of traditional folk dances that make up this beautiful performance style each coming from different regions inSpain. The diversity in the contrasting styles and technique of Spanish dance, enhances poise, rhythm and musicality.

Charlesworth Ballet School’s syllabus covers the beginning technique of castanets, footwork, palmas (handclaps) and arm movements whilst allowing students a chance to experience different Spanish dance styles from regional (folk dance), Esquela Bolera (classical Spanish) to Flamenco. Whilst exploring the technique and different traditional dances, CBS students will also develop their performance and coordination skills. Classes run for 45 minutes over a nine week term. Parents are invited into class three times across the year to enjoy a special demonstration of the work the students have studied. 


Class optionsTimeFull-term fee
Spanish Dance as an additional genre to Classical Ballet1hr$80
Spanish Dance as a stand-alone class1hr$175-$185