Grade Two Ballet

Sharing the Joy of Dance

Grade 2 classes introduce new exercises of the Classical Ballet technique, including extended development of musicality, dance steps, coordination and improvisation.

These lessons run for 1hr, once a week, with some Grade 2 classes running in conjunction with the Grade 1 classes. These classes are at the following locations:

πŸ“ Applecross
πŸ“ Burswood
πŸ“ Canning Vale
πŸ“ Cockburn
πŸ“Β Darlington
πŸ“ Duncraig
πŸ“ Floreat
πŸ“ Hamersley
πŸ“ Inglewood
πŸ“ Mount Hawthorn
πŸ“ North Perth
πŸ“ Karratha

Our classes do require a ballet uniform. Wearing an uniform ensures dancers are in safe and practical clothing for dancing, as well as puts them in the right mindset for Classical Ballet. See more forΒ uniform requirements and our suppliers.

Grade Two examinations

The Grade Two level introduces children to their first Classical Ballet examination in a positive and supportive atmosphere, without fear or undue stress. Students will receive a certificate and report following their class examinations at the end of the third term.

Our End of Year (EOY) productions

At the end of the year, our students are encouraged to perform in our EOY ballet productions! Our productions include fan-favourite ballet performances of The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, and more. All our students get the chance to dance alongside industry professionals and Youth Ballet WA students at the major theatres across Perth!