Classical Ballet

Charlesworth Ballet School offers Classical Ballet training to dancers between the ages of 4 ½ and 17 years old. It bases its programme off the Vaganova method of training, which it has been delivering to CBS students since the early ’90s.

The Vaganova technique is a ballet training system derived by the Russian Dancer and pedagogue, Agrippina Vaganova. This method fuses elements of the traditional French style of ballet technique, with elements of the Italian Cecchetti ballet method. The Vaganova syllabus is founded on the idea that when a dancer is introduced to a new step, he or she will already possess the correct strength and foundation necessary to execute this movement safely and accurately. This strength takes time to build and requires consistent hard work.

The Vaganova training system is designed to involve the whole body in every movement, with equal attention paid to the upper body, legs and feet. Vaganova believed that this approach increases consciousness of the body, thus creating a harmony of movement and greater expressive range. The Vaganova Ballet method is acknowledged all over the world as the foremost training syllabus of Classical Ballet. 

Is your child not quite old enough to begin in our Preparatory Ballet? Contact us for more information on our Pre-school dance programme.