Grade 1/2 Extension Ballet

Extend your ballet technique and performance skills

This class provides the opportunity to further students performance skills and knowledge of repertoire by dividing the lesson into the following: (1) The first 30min of the lesson focuses on flexibility, practical body anatomical knowledge and conditioning. (2) The next 20min learning a selection of classical repertoire from popular ballet works – with each piece carefully selected to support the students level of technique. (3) Lessons will finish with a full-body cooldown, teaching the students the importance of cooling down.

Joining this class allows students to participate in extra performance opportunities such as:

  • Performing small Classical Ballet pieces at Parents Day (with costumes or props)
  • Getting to perform in special performances/events, for e.g. our Grade 1/2’s performed at the 2021 Perth Royal Show or our students performed in our first ever Showcase – The Joy of Dance 2022

If a teacher notices a student with great potential who will benefit from additional work, you may receive an invitation to join this class via email!


This class runs for 1hr, once a week, at our North Perth Studio. Students must be participating in the equivalent level Classical Ballet lesson to enrol in the Extension class. There are no assessments taken in the Extension class.