Grade 3 to Senior Extension Ballet

Extend your ballet technique and performance skills

This class provides the opportunity to further students performance skills and knowledge of repertoire by dividing the lesson into the following: (1) The first 30min of the lesson focuses on flexibility, practical body anatomical knowledge and conditioning. (2) The next 20min learning a selection of classical repertoire from popular ballet works – with each piece carefully selected to support the students level of technique. (3) Lessons will finish with a full-body cooldown, teaching the students the importance of cooling down. 

Joining this class allows students to participate in extra performance opportunities – such as performing small pieces at Parents Day (with costumes), or for example, our Grade 3/4’s performed at the 2021 Perth Royal Show! 

If a teacher notices a student with great potential who will benefit from additional work, you may receive an invitation to join this class via email!

Only students enrolled in both a Level 1 and Level 2 class will be eligible to enrol for the Extension lesson.


The one hour and fifteen-minute classes are held once a week during the term only at our North Perth studios. Furthermore, this class will have a Parent Showing three times across the year.