Grade Seven Ballet

Grade seven classes are held at the central studios. At this level, students must attend two classes per week to attain a high level of proficiency. Technique classes encompass Floor Work, Barre, Centre Practice, Sautés, and Demi-Pointe work. Students will be guided towards their annual grade examination and will participate in the yearly major ballet production.

In Grade 7, we introduce pointe training to our curriculum. The emphasis is on providing children with an introductory experience to pointe work rather than focusing on performance in pointe shoes. Consequently, we introduce an additional class for Grade 7 and above named ‘Pointe’. These classes are recommended for students who wish to expand their ballet training and gain first-hand experience in pointe work. Please note that there is a well-defined process that students must follow before they are able to purchase pointe shoes. For detailed information about our pointe process, please refer to the link provided below. Students interested in pointe training, are strongly encouraged to enrol in the Grade 7 Extension class. This class incorporates pointe training which will  ensure students are receiving two pointe classes per week.