The Underwater Kingdom Showcase

Charlesworth Ballet School proudly presents The Underwater Kingdom, a heart-warming production filled with enchanting dance, music and colour! This exciting production showcases students from our extension programs such as Extension Ballet, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Spanish Dance. Joining Charlesworth Ballet students today are guests from Youth Ballet WA’s pre-professional programme.





This magical piece was created by our staff and inspired by the underwater scene from the ballet called “The Humpbacked Horse”. It is a captivating scene that features all the Grade 1 to Senior students from our Classical Ballet Extension program.



Performing the classical solo from the ballet Raymonda is Grace Cusworth. Grace is a Sixth Year student in the full-time program at Youth Ballet WA.



The Spanish dancer, scientific name Hexabranchus sanguineus, is a dorid nudibranch, a very large and colourful sea slug, a marine gastropod mollusk. The Spanish Dancer is given it’s nickname because of the way it moves through the ocean to swim away from disturbances, with many of it’s movements looking similar to the movements of a Flamenco dancer. A very fitting theme for our Spanish dance students! Our students will be exploring the way in which the Spanish dancers move, in moments showing this individually, in partners and as a whole group.

The Spanish Dancer | Video Of The Day | Facebook



This beautiful contemporary piece recreates the story from the popular picture book “The Rainbow Fish”. With its iridescent scales, the rainbow fish is the most beautiful fish in the whole ocean. But since she is also vain and proud, she becomes more and more lonely over time. Then she realizes that you can’t win friends through beauty. She overcomes her pride and begins to distribute her glitter scales to the other fish. This story is performed by the students in our Grade 2, 3&4 Contemporary class, and choreographed by Ilia Chown.

The Rainbow Fish. Pfister, Marcus. The Rainbow Fish… | by Soojin Kim | Medium



Exploring symbiotic relationships in the ocean, with a focus on the relationships of competition and parasitism. Our dancers delve into the repetitive nature of interaction between two different species living in close physical association, as well as the struggle among organisms for the same limited resources in an ecosystem.





The second half of our Classical Ballet piece is just as enchanting and joyful as the first. Our dancers portray creatures of the ocean with elegant movement, colourful costumes and beautiful music.

The staff responsible for this beautiful piece are Aly Byrne, Jaimie Ford, Andrea Ponga-Morgan, Paige Puckridge & Tamice Puckridge.



The piece was inspired by Myliobatidae, which means a family of large flat sting rays. It was choreographed by Lynn Martlew, who is the Spanish Dance specialist with Youth Ballet WA. Lynn also works closely with the staff teaching the Spanish Dance syllabus at Charlesworth Ballet School.

Manta Ray Fish Facts, Pictures, Habitat and Video



Welcome to the Whale Wash, where fish dream of getting rich! But come summer the work is kind of hard, this ain’t no place to be if you plan on being a star! Watch our superstars from the Musical Theatre and Jazz classes sing up a storm, choreographed by Andrea Ponga-Morgan and inspired by the movie Shark Tale.

Shark Tale | Dreamworks Animation Wiki | Fandom



Immerse yourself in an ethereal journey through the depths of the ocean with our mesmerizing contemporary dance piece inspired by the graceful movements of a school of fish. Set to Philip Glass’s evocative String Quartet No. 3 (Mishima): VI. Mishima/Closing, experience the beauty of unity and the mysteries of underwater life in this captivating exploration of harmony and motion.

Frontiers in Fish Science



Enjoy our exciting finale piece with all of our amazing dancers! Join in the fun and make sure you clap along!

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